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Nano texturing using Ultrashort Laser Pulses

Postdoc: Dr. Jozef Vincenc Oboňa

This project aims at developing processes for fabrication of surface structures on micro- and nano scale by the use of ultra short laser pulses. Surfaces structures will generate special contact surfaces in metal or ceramic for friction control in precision equipment. Laser textured surfaces can also generate specific properties e.g. wetting or optical and surface patterns that can be replicated in polymer surfaces. Furthermore, research will be conducted into the physical aspects of the interaction of ultra short laser pulses with materials. In general the results of this project will contribute to bridging the micro – nano manufacturing gap.

Many nano manufacturing processes are based on lithographic techniques that have driven the silicon wafer industry, but increasingly the new drive is for low cost, high precision products based on non-silicon materials like polymers, ceramics, and metals. The need to structure these materials in the size range 100 nm – 10 µm, has lead to the development of a new range of process technologies and laser micromachining is one of them. The project is carried out in close collaboration between our group and the Twente University group of prof. Bert Huis in 't Veld.


Figure: Different regular ripples appearance as a result of different crystal orientation confirmed by OIM observation (highlighted orientation of individual grains-red squares).