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Optimization of the microstructure and properties of laser deposited Coatings

PhD students: Mikhail Dutka and Ismail Hemmati
Postdoc: Dr. Ivan Furár
Laser surface engineering techniques (laser cladding, laser melt injection and laser surface / hardening/ remelting) embrace a body of methodologies offering relatively thick (0.3- 2 mm) coatings with excellent hardfacing, wear and corrosion resistant properties on inferior substrates. The principal objective of this project is to understand the basic relationships among the laser processing parameters, the resulting microstructure and the corresponding properties of the coatings. This allows the design of an optimal microstructure for the required applications.
Figure: OIM [001] IPF + IQ map of coating/substrate interface observed on transversal cut (left) and {001} pole figure of green coating grain (red spots) combined with pole figure of lamellas from adjacent substrate area (black dots) demonstrating the Greninger-Troiano orientation relationship (right).