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Self-healing of composite materials

Postdoc: Dr. Huajie Yang
The project is aimed at designing new high temperature Ti-Al-C ceramic composites with high crack-healing ability. The novel approach leads to promising materials for a variety of high-temperature structural and functional applications. The crack-healing efficiency will be improved by enhancing the adhesive strength of oxidation products present within the crack openings to the base material via changing the chemical composition of the oxidation products with alloying elements such as B, Si, Cr, Mo and Zr added into the Ti-Al-C matrix. Also, the oxidation resistance and high temperature mechanical properties of Ti-Al-C high temperature ceramics will be tuned by these alloying elements in the Ti-Al-C matrix so as to form solid solution strengthening phase or/and second reinforcements. The project is carried out in collaboration with the Delft University of Technology (prof.dr. S. van der Zwaag, Dr. GuiMing Song, Dr. W. Sloof).


Figure: Nanoindentation impression on the crack-healed zone marked with a circle in Ti3AlC2 ceramics.