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Ultra Low frictional coatings on rubber seals

Postdoc: Dr. Diego Martinez-Martinez
Rubber seals are commonly used in lubrication system to prevent dirt and water entering the system and to avoid leakage of lubricants. Dynamic rubber seals operate in sliding contact mode at relatively high speed and under no or marginal lubrication condition. Under such a tough operational condition, contact seals are the major sources of friction of lubrication systems or bearings, which may take 50-70% of the total friction. Furthermore, rubber seals are subjected to severe wear leading to an increase of clearance, which is often the cause of loss of the function and failure of the lubrication system. Therefore, an advanced solution for dynamic rubber seals is stringent for bearings and automotive industries. Within the framework of a novel experimental approach to the design, deposition and characterization of wear resistant and low frictional DLC-based nanocomposite coatings on rubber seals, the project is aimed at developing a unique coating system on a rubber seal having low dry-sliding friction coefficient (< 0.25), high wear resistance, good adhesion to rubber surface and high flexibility and strain tolerance to follow large deformation of rubber substrate.