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Interfaces in flexible multilayers

Postdoc: Dr.ir. Willem Pier Vellinga
The project deals with time dependent properties and fatigue of flexible electronics that may be used in technology for modular ultra light and ultra thin, easy-to-wear electronic products such as lighting and signage devices, reusable and disposable sensor devices, foldable solar panels and displays. Roll-to-roll production processes will enable to make these devices in large sizes and quantities at competitive costs. It is important to understand the nature of the mechanical deformation that these multimaterial. Multilayer laminates may experience during production and intended use, as well as the associated (time-dependent) stress distributions and their effects on the reliability and durability of the devices. Dynamic and cyclic (fatigue) deformation modes are of course relevant for these devices, especially near room temperature and at varying degrees of humidity. The response to cyclic mechanical loading (fatigue) will ultimately determine the usefulness of flexible electronics. The roject is carried out in collaboration with the Eindhoven University of technology (Prof. Bert de With).