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Focused beam induced nanostructures

Veni-NWO project: Dr.Willem van Dorp
Focused beam induced chemistry promises to be play an important role in future lithography. With beam induced chemistry, two- or three-dimensional patterns are defined in a single step by dissociating adsorbed gas molecules with charged particles. As it is a one-step process, it does in principle not require any pre- or postprocessing, in contrast to for instance resist-based electron beam lithography (EBL). Currently, EBL is the main patterning technique that gives access to the 200 to ~10nm regime and the fabrication of a functional structure typically requires at least several processing steps. Focused beam induced chemistry has the potential to make it easier and faster to define complex patterns or patterns with details smaller than 10nm. The project concentrates on focused ion beam induced deposition (FIBID) and focused electron beam induced deposition (FEBID). In collaboration with the Charged Particle Optics Group at the TU Delft (prof.dr.ir. P. Kruit and Dr. C.W. Hagen).