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Refereed academic publications of 1979

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  1. W. F. W. M. van Heugten, L. M. Caspers, J. T. M. De Hosson, Atomic configuration of a screw dislocation in pure Mo and Mo containing He interstitials, Phys. stat. sol. (b) 92, 199 (1979).
  2. J. v.d. Veen, J. Jansen, J. de Groot, E. van Royen, P. M. Bronsveld, J. T. M. De Hosson, S. Radelaar, Zener relaxation effect in a CuNizn alloys,Zeitschrift fur Metallkunde 70, 455 (1979). 1
  3. J. de Groot, P. M. Bronsveld, J. T. M. De Hosson, Superlattice dislocations in Cu2NiZn, Phys. stat. sol. (a) 52, 635 (1979). 
  4. A.C. M. van Swieten, J. T. M. De Hosson, Visible surface plotting program, Transactions on Mathematical Software, 5, no.4, 521 523 (1979).
  5. G. J. L. van der Wegen, P.M. Bronsveld, J. T. M. De Hosson, Characterization of superlattice dislocations in Cu2NiZn by electron microscopy, Scripta Metallurgica 13, No. 4, 303 (1979).
  6. J. T. M. De Hosson, W. van der Lugt, The Knight shift in liquid binary alloys: An application of Quantum Chemistry in Liquid and Solid State Physics,Int. J. of Quantum Physics and Chemistry, Atomic, Molecular and Solid State Theory,13, 367 (1979).
  7. J. T. M. De Hosson, Atomistic approach to ordering in Cu2NiZn, Am. Institute of Physics, 53, 146 (1979). 1
  8. A.J. Huijben, W. van der Lugt, W. A. Reimert, J. T. M. De Hosson, C. van Dijk, Investigations on the structure of liquid Na-Cs alloys,Physica 97 B+C, 338 (1979).

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