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Refereed academic publications of 2000

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  1. Agterveld, D.T.L.v., Palasantzas, G. & De Hosson, J.T.M. Effects of precipitates in Cu upon impact fracture: An ultra- high-vacuum study with local probe scanning Auger/electron microscopy. Acta Materialia 48 (8) 1995-2004 (2000)
  2. Carvalho, P.A., Sijbolts, M., Kooi, B.J. & De Hosson, J.T.M. High-resolution transmission electron microscopy study of discontinuously precipitated Ni3Sn. Acta Materialia 48 (17) 4203-4215 (2000)
  3. Carvalho, P.A., Haarsma, H.S.D., Kooi, B.J., Bronsveld, P.M. & De Hosson, J.T.M. HRTEM study of Co7W6 and its typical defect structure. Acta Materialia 48 (10) 2703-2712 (2000)
  4. Chechenin, N.G., Bronsveld, P.M., Chezan, A.R., Craus, C.B., Boerma, D.O., De Hosson, J.T.M. & Niesen, L. TEM study of Ti-N and Cr-N precipitate formation in iron alloys. Physica Status Solidi A-Applied Research 177 (1) 117-125 (2000)
  5. De Hosson, J.T.M., Hooijmans, J. & Popma, R. Sintering behaviour of nanoceramic coatings. Surface Engineering 16 (3) 245-249 (2000)
  6. Escobar Galindo, R., van Veen, A., Garcia, A.A., Schut, H. & De Hosson, J.T.M. Study of polymer/metal coating under stress using positron annihilation spectroscopy. Acta Materialia 48 (18-19) 4743-4747 (2000)
  7. Kooi, B.J. & De Hosson, J.T.M. Influence of misfit and interfacial binding energy on the shape of the oxide precipitates in metals; Interfaces between Mn3O4 precipitates and Pd studied with HRTEM. Acta Materialia 48 (14) 3687-3699 (2000)
  8. Kooi, B.J., van Veen, A., De Hosson, J.T.M., Schut, H., Fedorov, A.V. & Labohm, F. Rectangular nanovoids in helium-implanted and thermally annealed MgO(100). Applied Physics Letters 76 (9) 1110-1112 (2000)
  9. Kooi, B.J. & De Hosson, J.T.M. Reply to comment on "Reaction layers around SiC particles in Ti: An electron microscopy study". Scripta Materialia 43 (3) 287-289 (2000)
  10. Palasantzas, G., Barnas, J. & De Hosson, J.T.M. Correlated roughness effects in the giant magnetoresistance of magnetic multilayers. Acta Physica Polonica A 97 (3) 495-498 (2000)1
  11. Palasantzas, G., Zhao, Y.P., Wang, G.C., Lu, T.M., Barnas, J. & De Hosson, J.T.M. Electrical conductivity and thin-film growth dynamics. Physical Review B 61 (16) 11109-11117 (2000)
  12. Palasantzas, G. & De Hosson, J.T.M. Fractality aspects during agglomeration of solid-phase-epitaxy Co-silicide thin films. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 18 (5) 2472-2476 (2000)
  13. Palasantzas, G. & De Hosson, J.T.M. Influence of proximity effects in superconductor/normal- metal junctions from mound roughness and film growth mechanisms. Physica C 330 (1-2) 99-104 (2000)
  14. Palasantzas, G. & De Hosson, J.T.M. Roughness effect on the measurement of interface stress. Acta Materialia 48 (14) 3641-3645 (2000)
  15. Palasantzas, G., Zhao, Y.P., De Hosson, J.T.M. & Wang, G.C. Roughness effects on magnetic properties of thin films. Physica B 283 (1-3) 199-202 (2000)
  16. Palasantzas, G., Barnas, J. & De Hosson, J.T.M. Self-affine roughness effects on electron transmission and electric current in tunnel junctions. Journal of Applied Physics 88 (2) 927-931 (2000)
  17. Pei, Y.T. & De Hosson, J.T.M. Functionally graded materials produced by laser cladding. Acta Materialia 48 (10) 2617-2624 (2000)
  18. van Huis, M.A., Fedorov, A.V., van Veen, A., Smulders, P.J.M., Kooi, B.J. & De Hosson, J.T.M. Copper implantation defects in MgO observed by positron beam analysis, RBS and X-TEM. Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section B-Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 166 225-231 (2000)
  19. Vreeling, J.A., Ocelik, V., Hamstra, G.A., Pei, Y.T. & De Hosson, J.T.M. In-situ microscopy investigation of failure mechanisms in Al/SiCp metal matrix composite produced by laser embedding. Scripta Materialia 42 (6) 589-595 (2000)
  20. Vreeling, J.A., Ocelik, V., Pei, Y.T., Agterveld, D.T.L.v. & De Hosson, J.T.M. Laser melt injection in aluminum alloys: On the role of the oxide skin. Acta Materialia 48 (17) 4225-4233 (2000)
  21. Zoestbergen, E. & De Hosson, J.T.M. Asymmetrical strain distribution in sputtered TiN layers. Thin Solid Films 371 (1-2) 10-16 (2000)

(Chapters in) Books

  1. J.Th.M. De Hosson, H.B. Groen, B.J. Kooi, H. Haarsma, "Bonding at metal-ceramic interfaces studied with high resolution transmission electron microscopy", in Interface controlled Materials Volume 9, eds. M. Rühle and H. Gleiter, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, Germany, p. 209 - 222 (2000)

Conference proceedings

  1. J.Th.M. De Hosson, J. Hooijmans, R. Popma, "Sintering behavior of nano ceramic coatings", SMTXIII, eds. T.S. Sudarshan, K.A. Khor, M. Jeandin, ASM, Ohio, p. 93 - 102 (2000)1
  2. D.T.L. van Agterveld, G. Palasantzas, J.Th.M. De Hosson, "Local probe scanning Auger - scanning electron microscopy studies of segregation and surface roughness effects after in-situ fracture", in Investigation and analysis 3, eds. B. Jouffry, J. Scejcar, Microstrucral Weinheim, Wiley-VCH, pp. 87 - 92 (2000)1
  3. D.T.L. van Agterveld, G. Palasantzas, J.Th.M. De Hosson, "Surface sensitivity effects with local probe scanning auger-scanning electron microscopy", MRS 589, 134 - 140 (2000)1
  4. P.A. Carvalho, P.M. Bronsveld, B.J. Kooi, J.Th.M. De Hosson, in Intermetallics and Superalloys 10, "Widmanstätten Co3W: An HRTEM study of DO19 precipitation in an fcc matrix", eds. D.G. Morris et al., Weinheim, Wiley-VCH, pp. 368 - 372 (2000)1
  5. J.Th.M. De Hosson, R. Popma and J. Hooijmans, "Sintering behavior of nano-ceramic coatings", MRS 581, 547 - 554 (2000)1
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  16. E. Zoestbergen, J.Th.M. De Hosson, "Magnetron sputtered TiN layers", in Surface Engineering 11, ed. Heinz Dimigen, Weinheim, Wiley-VCH, pp. 209 - 215 (2000)1

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